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About Us

Kannada Vrinda is a Registered, Non-profit, 501 C-3, Texas Corporation. It files annual tax returns with the IRS, and has received Sales Tax Exemption Certificate from the State Comptroller. Kannada Vrinda is registered with the Secretary, State of Texas in Austin, as required by Law. An elected body of seven members, called the Board of Directors, govern the activities of Kannada Vrinda. The elections are conducted once every 2 years usually in April, using appropriate election process. All current members are eligible to vote or stand for election. The celebration of the World Millennium Kannada Conference in the year 2000 did not happen by chance. Under the Chairmanship of Mr. Jayaram Nadig, more than 20 members of Kannada Vrinda worked diligently for over 26 months, in planning and putting up this magnificent show at the prestigious George Brown Convention Center in August / September 2000. More than 2200 Kannadigas from all over the World came to the Conference, which has established an unprecedented record. Representatives from the Government of Karnataka, performing artists, poets, thinkers, professionals and programmers, and the large number of Kannadigas who attended the Conference, are responsible in making the Conference such a great success.
Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization