Kannada Sahitya Ranga, Inc

6th Vasanta Sahityotsava, May 18-19, 2013

Hamman Hall, Rice University, 6100 Main Street, Houston TX 77005

Cosponsored by Kannada Vrinda, Houston

In Collaboration with all the Texas Kannada Kootas

Welcome to KSR Conference


Kannada Sahitya Ranga (KSR), a non-profit organization founded in 2003, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and holding the 6th Vasanta Sahityotsava in Houston on May 18-19, 2013. The 2-day conference will be held at Hamman Hall, Rice University, Houston. Houston Kannada Vrinda (HKV) is proud to be a sponsor of this event with active cooperation from other Kannada Kootas of Texas - Dallas, San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley and Austin. This literary conference, the only one of its kind in the country, serves the needs and aspirations of many Kannada writers living in the US.

Brief information about the conference:
Prof. Tirumalesh, a noted Kannada writer and linguist, will be the keynote speaker at the conference. An anthology of about 40 selected articles on our life in the United States will be released on this occasion. In addition, a book published by HKV titled “Nareegeetha” (a recreation of a hitherto unpublished Kannada novel by the literary giant Raja Rao) will be released. Several interesting sessions, panel discussions and talks are included in the conference. Books and paintings exhibition are also scheduled. A high quality cultural program is planned for Saturday evening followed by a grand banquet. The 2-day conference, includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments on both days and banquet on Saturday. We are pleased to bring this interesting conference to you in Houston and invite you to attend the same.

         Please check Announcements for more information about the conference and updates. 


Conference Organizing Committee


Co-chairs: M.S. Nataraja (KSR) and N. Vatsa Kumar (HKV)


HKV Representatives
Program Coordinator Dr. Mangala Prasad
Fundraising/Finance N. Vatsa Kumar
Registration Yash Havalimane and Vanitha Pothuri
Communication Nataraja Rao
Publication Vasu Aithala
Hospitality/Food Nataraja Rao
Accomodation & Transportation Venkatesh Gowda
Book Exhibition and Sales Swetha Jagadeesh and Prajval Kambi
Decorations Geetha Rama Rau and Madhu Sulladmath
Photography Ajay Kumar and Radhika Penagonda
Audio, Video & Lighting Jagadeesh Ananthaiah
Web Site Rachappaswamy , Mayura Nagalikar & Yash Havalimane
Cultural Program Dr. Mangala Prasad
Volunteer Venkatesh Gowda & Yash Havalimane
KSR Representatives H.Y. Rajagopal, Nalini Maiya,
Guruprasad Kaginele, Sreekantha Babu,
Gundu Shankar, Naga Aithal,
Gopal S. Kukke, Triveni S. Rao,
Vallisha Shastry, Jyothi Mahadev


For more information please contact: N.S. Vatsa Kumar (979-240-9496; Vatsakumar@kannadavrinda.org)

                                                                                Mangala Prasad (281-813-6760; Mangala@kannadavrinda.org)

                                              Please check this conference website for all updated information.